Maria Konow Lund 

Olso Metropolitan University, Norway

Maria Konow-Lund is a Professor at the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Oslo Metropolitan University. Maria recently returned from a two-year Marie Curie Fellowship. She received this EU funded fellowship in 2017 where she has done extensive research on changing conditions for investigative journalism, particularly looking at start-ups and local citizen journalism like Bristol Cable, legacy media organizations like the Guardian as well as tech companies like BuzzFeed and their focus on investigative journalism. While her PhD consisted of an ethnographic five-year long study of disruptive change to legacy media organizations, Maria has done several studies on terror and journalism, innovation, entrepreneurships and more recently cross border collaboration. She has taken an interest in the new journalists-ecology and is one of the initiators to the Global Risk Journalism Hub. She has published work in journals as Journalism Practice, Digital Journalism, Nordicom Review as well as Routledge Companion to Media and Humanitarian Action (2017).